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The concept of social media marketing (SMM) is today very effective in creating a buzz for anyone’s website. In fact, with the help of social media marketing servcies, you no longer have to depend on search engine to get targeted and quality traffic to your website.

We at Erident Technologies a leading Bangalore social media marketing company help you create such a good Social Media strategy that you can use it to interact with your audience. The advantage of doing this is that you get to learn more about their wants and needs, so that you can try to meet them.

Basically, social media marketing is a combination of reaching internet marketing goals using the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and lots more. It is thus connected with other online marketing techniques like viral marketing, social media optimization, word of mouth advertising and search engine marketing.

Social media marketing has a deeper connection with the social media where content and messages are created and distributed through the social web through some form of viral marketing. This content can be anything like creating compelling content that gets bookmarked and hits digg’s homepage to the spread of a viral video through YouTube and other social media sites. Social media marketing also has off-site connections like participating in online communities where customers hang out.

Social Media testaments

It is important that you increase your likability as static sites will never grow popular. This is best done through a blog where you can not only have an online voice, but its daily update lets you get an RSS feed where people can easily catch up with your latest content.

Always make your site easy to tag and bookmark to make it easier for people to link to you. You could include buttons for submitting your site to Digg, or you could also tag your site at

Make sure you reward all the inbound links your site receives by linking back to the people who link to you. This is most easily done by visiting their site and giving a comment or by socially promoting their site.

Work at publicizing your content wherever possible online; you could add podcasts to podcast directories and any videos you have of your site, you could submit them to sites like Youtube and Metacafe.

Make your site a user resource by providing quality content on your site that makes people return to your site for the best content on a particular topic. It’s not necessary that your content give you any financial gains; but by making it part of a user resource, you improve your online credibility and have a continuous flow of visitors to your site.

Similarly, you could reward people active on your site who submit content to your site, or leave comments on it. You could reward them by running a competition or by emailing them to show them your appreciation. This appreciation of their work and what they are doing is enough reward for them.

Participate in as many conversations and discussions as possible to understand how users feel about being social on the top websites. Place comments on blogs related to your niche and even take part in and encourage discussions that take place in relevant communities and forums.

The content you create for your site should be unique or remarkable, and on a topic that easily spreads. There is always something unique to write about in any and all industries; though you don’t know if this content will actually spread, you never know till you give a try.

Social media marketing is never successful if you don’t know who you target through your marketing. So know and recognize your target audience for the successful marketing of your business as though it’s great for everyone to buy your weight loss supplement, not everyone will. Only the overweight will think of buying it, so your marketing efforts should target them.

Always be real in your marketing efforts, and never try to do or be something you aren’t. Transparency in marketing is always respected while blatant marketing can ruin your name and your company’s name.

Erident Tech knows that you have to choose your marketing tactics wisely as only a percent of people on the social media create content while 9% enhance this content and a whopping 90% of people use and appreciate this content.

So find out which tactics worth best for your site and business, and work at the efficient re-production of these tactics in your social media marketing campaign.